The World of Burra Din

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Amal's Territory
Forest of Inspirare
Asha's Birth Place

Spés is known for:

Hunting, blacksmithing, snowpuffs, fireworks, trees, and glasswork


Vera's Territory
Village of Sol
Village of Fides

Fidem is known for:

Natural beauty, music and instruments, jewelry making, lively woods, tie-dyed flowers


Jovie's Territory
Jovanna Ice Palace
Skotovody Camp

Gaudium is known for:

Festivals, community, ice sculptures, coffee and cocoa, dog sled races, wisps


Kazuya's Territory
Iyashi Temple
Tsuki Village
Salvator Island

Pax is known for:

Healing temples, miracles, kite-flying competitions, boat-making, rock climbing, wind slides